The Portomaso Marina Facilities


The Marina

The Portomaso Marina, in operation since 1999, comprises 3 Basins namely:

North Basin:

for smaller craft and water sports operations

South Basin:

accommodates up to 45 sailing boats to a maximum length of 16m

West Basin:

accommodates up to 60 motor cruisers to a maximum length of 16m

Some larger craft can be accommodated alongside on the quayside at the inner fairway.

Facilities and Service

Mooring assistance is constantly provided on the quayside and by the use of 2 specially designed rubber dinghies by highly trained and professional personnel.

All incoming and outgoing traffic is constantly controlled and monitored on VHF channel 13 and all operations are logged for safety reasons with security provided around the whole perimeter. 

Showers – with hot and cold running water are available in all Basins for the convenience of the yacht owners.

N.B. No discharge of any fluids or materials whatsoever is allowed in the marina waters.

All berths are serviced with water and electricity. The electrical supply is 240 volts, single phase, 50 cycles and is available at 16amp, 32amp or 62amp and 3 phase 130 amp.

All sorts of repairs and facilities are available from other sources. Dry docking facilities for large vessels are also available. Malta has facilities for technical support of all kinds, including, floating docks and slipways catering for yachts up to 155m.




Waste Management Plan


This Waste Management Plan is a document regulating and directing waste handled by Portomaso Marina, and is formulated in line with article 6 (10 of L.N. 278 of 2004, which states that a port operator shall prepare a waste management plan with respect to the provision and use of port reception facilities in consultation with all stakeholders.

The general aim is to improve waste management in our marinas through a well-structured, integrated, flexible, environmentally sound and cost-effective system of handling wastes and residues generated by yachts, boats and other recreational craft berthed at the marina.

This document is considered to be a dynamic plan that will be continuously upgraded, assessed and amended according to changes taking place within the yachting industry.


Activity in marinas in the Mediterranean is governed by the summer boating season, where the period between May and October sees the largest volume in traffic.

Portomaso is a fully managed marina and vessels intending to use the marina are:

  • Not permitted to discharge black or grey waters inside the marina. Ample shore facilities are provided;
  • Must switch-off automatic bilge pumps if vessel is not equipped with an engine oil tray;
  • Not permitted to perform on-board repairs and maintenance to the engine and hull inside marina, accept at designated areas;
  • Not permitted to refuel inside the marina.

The above is reprinted from the marina regulations handbook distributed with each contract document for a berth. The marina runs a twice yearly water quality test as part of its normal operations and most vessels are serviced at various boatyards around Malta during the winter season.

2.1 Location of the marina

Portomaso marina is located at35° 55.264′ North

14° 29.697′ East. The marina is split into 3 basins; Inner basin for power boats, South basin for sailing craft and North basin for water sport activities. The water depth inside the marina is 3.50 m below mean sea level.

The marina can accommodate around 130 vessels of varying dimensions. Approximately 120 of the vessels berthed at the marina are resident vessels on long term contracts. Transient vessels during the summer period do not generally exceed 10.

The average occupancy of the marina is around 130 vessels.

2.2 Type and capacity of Port Reception Facilities

Port reception facilities at Portomaso marina are of two types only:

  • Spent oil reception tank
  • Green skips for general garbage

2.2.1 Oils

The waste oil reception tank is a 1,000 Lt Ecostar purpose-designed spent oil tank.

2.2.2 Sewage

Onboard toilets cannot be used inside the marina and ample toilet facilities are provided around the marina perimeter (also indicated on the layout map) for the exclusive use of the vessel owners.

2.2.3 Garbage

Six 1,000 Lt skips for garbage are available at strategic points around the marina (also indicated on the layout map) and these are serviced by an authorised contractor.

2.2.4 Hazardous waste

Servicing and repair on engines is carried out elsewhere and is strictly prohibited inside the marina. No hazardous waste services are provided.

2.2.5 Summary of reception facilities

Name of Marina Portomaso
Oil 1,000 Lt reception tank
Sewage Shore facilities pump to sewers
Garbage 6 No Wheelie bins 1,000 Lt each
Hazardous waste No facilities provided

2.3 Procedure for the reception and collection of waste

Since all the vessels calling at Portomaso are below 12 passengers, no notification is required.

Garbage is a self-service facility and the waste is carried off-board by the vessel owner and disposed in the wheelie bins.

Sewage from the toilets is pumped away to the main sewer system.

There are no oil or cargo residues within the marina.

2.4 Charging system

Fees for the collection of garbage and use of the toilets are included in the berthing fees.

2.5 Malpractices

Portomaso is managed full time by a marina manager, assisted by 4 fulltime staff (increased to 5 during the summer period). Vessel traffic is managed by berthing assistants from 07.00 to 17.00. The marina is also covered by 24 hour CCTV surveillance as part of Portomaso’s security system.

The marina’s staff constantly check berthing and inspect vessels as part of their day-to-day routine and report all malpractices back to the marina manager who takes immediate action with the owners.

During its 10 years of operations, the following malpractices were recorded and direct action taken:

  • Flushing toilets inside the marina (6 transient vessels)

In all 6 cases, the vessels were asked to leave the marina forthwith.

2.6 Consultations with marina users

The marina is owned by Spinola Development Co. Ltd. and vessel owners enter into contract with the company on their own free will. There are no formal procedures for consultations.

2.7 Quantities of waste generated

The amount of garbage handled by the marina varies according to the season. During the lean winter months, the wheelie bins are emptied by the approved collector every 3 days, whereas during the summer season, on alternate days.

A rough estimate of the volume of waste is as follows:

Winter season Garbage Sewage
  300 kg every 3rd day Pumped to main sewer
Summer season Garbage Sewage
  300 kg every 2nd day Pumped to main sewer


The person responsible for the marina is:

Name Mr David Azzopardi
Job Title Marina Manager
Marina Address Portomaso Complex, St Julians
Shore telephone +356-2138-7803
Fax +356-2138-9656
Cellular Phone +356-7949-5768


4.1 Disposal procedure for spent Oil

The disposal of spent engine oil falls under the Environment Act, Waste Management (Waste Oils) Regulations 2002. Only licensed waste oil collectors are allowed inside the marina as regulated by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority and as determined by Port Notice 05/08 – Management, Collection and Disposal of Waste from ships calling in Maltese ports.

The marina’s authorised collector is Waste Oils Company Ltd, Falzon House, Zammit Street, Birkirkara. Telephone number 21441493.

Invoices are kept at Spinola Development Co. Ltd offices, at Level 3, Portomaso Business Tower, Portomaso.


The Port Reception Facilities Directive 2000/59/EC has been transposed into Maltese Legislation as L.N. 278 of 2004 as amended by L.N. 290 of 2006 titled “Port Reception Facilities for Ship-Generated Wastes and Cargo Residues” under the Authority for Transport in Malta Act (Chapter 499).

Other applicable legislation falls under the Malta Environment and Planning Authority Act since it relates to waste collection, transport, licensing, delivery to sites and disposal. The legal notices include but are not limited to:

  • Authority for transport in Malta Act

o LN 278 of 2004 Port Reception Facilities for Ship-Generated Waste and Cargo Residues;

o LN 290 of 2006 Port Reception Facilities for Ship-Generated Waste and Cargo Residues


o Port Notice 04/04  Directive 2000/59/EC on Port Reception Facilities for Ship-Generated

Waste and Cargo Residues;

o Port Notice 05/04  Port Waste Management Plans;

o Port Notice 03/08 Ship-Generated Waste Management Fee;

o Port Notice 05/08  Management, Collection and Disposal of Waste from ships calling

in Maltese ports.

 Environment Protection Act

o Waste Management (Waste Oils) Regulations 2002;

o LN 337 of 2001  Waste Management (Permit and Control) Regulations 2001;

o Waste Management (Activity Registration) Regulations 2004.

Without prejudice to any other relevant legislation.


The marina is principally host to resident vessels on long term contract. During the summer months, up to 10 transient vessels may call at the marina.

All the relevant information regarding the marina is available on this website and at the marina office located in the Inner basin.

This includes:

  1. A location map of the basins, toilet and shower facilities, garbage skips and spent oil receptacle;
  2. Rules and Regulations of Berthing.

See Appendix 1 and Appendix 2.


Visit the Yacht Chandlery in the marina for any needs you might have whilst berthed in the marina.

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