About Malta

An island with a rich maritime history


Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean (in its eastern basin), some 80 km (50 mi) from southern Italy across the Malta Channel. The location of the Maltese archipelago has made it strategically important across the ages, acting as a bridge between Africa and Europe and between the East and the West.

Malta also lies exactly in between the entrance of the Suez Canal and the Strait of Gibraltar.  

The location is just one of the reasons why you should choose Malta to berth your boat.

 Economic and Political

Malta is a full member of the European Union, with airline commutes servicing most major cities globally.  Malta has a high mobile and internet penetration rates, with coverage offering communication globally.

Malta is a Republic, officially led by a President. However the role of the president is mostly ceremonial, and all political decisions are taken through the parliament.  The parliament consists of 65 members elected during elections, normally held every five years.

The Prime Minister leads the executive which leads the government.

As part of the Eurozone, the currency of Malta is the Euro.  The leading banks in Malta are HSBC and Bank of Valletta, however other banks exist.  The Maltese economy is one of the strongest in the Eurozone block, with the biggest economic drivers being gaming, financial institutions, real estate and tourism.

Entertainment and needs

The Portomaso Marina is situated in St Julians, one of Malta’s leading entertainment hubs.

The area has a host of five star hotels and restaurants, serving all types of cuisines to suit everyone’s tastes.  The Maltese cuisine is Mediterreanean in its core, however due to the various influences left by former colonialist countries, the Maltese food offers a varied approach which is different from other mediterranean countries.

The area is also served by supermarkets, carrying major brands, boat and yacht chandlers, real estate outlets and various bars, pubs and clubs.

Malta is a small Island, so travelling and discovering the wealth of history on the Islands can be done easily.


Malta has a varied history, with buildings offering a testament of all the cultures that have resided in Malta through the ages.

From Ggantija, the World’s oldest standing building, to its capital Valletta, a Unesco World Heritage Site, Malta offers the highest historical value per square metre.